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Dagmar Smith teaches a variety of day and evening cooking classes at ...

Brookline Adult & Community Education
Cambridge Center for Adult Education
Keefe Tech Adult Education
Featured classes:
Basics in Two Weeks Mon, Dec 2
French Regional Cooking Tue, Jan 14
8 Week Basic Cooking Tue, Feb 4
French Dinner and Wine Tasting Fri, Mar 7
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What her students say:
"Thanks so much for making the evening an incredible success. The menu turned out to be absolutely fabulous. I am glad that I left that part up to you. The food was unbelievable."
"The best part was eating the fruits of our labor."
"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class - I wish it wasn't over so soon! Made the kirsch souffles for dessert at a dinner party this weekend to rave reviews. Thank so much for everything - I really learned so much."
Cooking tips
Taste everything

To learn to be a good cook, one must taste everything. Taste the raw ingredients (if safe and possible), taste the food while cooking, and be sure to taste the food before serving.

Fresh Herbs

Always use fresh herbs instead of dried when available. Even in winter, try to have some fresh parsley on hand to add a bright taste to foods.

Don't Crowd

Don’t crowd the frying pan when cooking. Crowding will cause the meat or vegetables to steam instead of sear and will hamper browning.

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